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  Business and Leadership Programme Break through your limitations today  

If you do the same old thing you will get the same old results

If you are looking for something that is different to the normal boring highly theoretical business and leadership programmes and want immediate results then you are in the right place.

Opt2B offers three comprehensive leadership programmes that produce outstanding leaders. Each of our programmmes are designed for individuals from all levels of business ranging from Business Owners to C Level Executives, Managers and Business Leaders to the next generation of Leaders.

Each programme is tailored to the individuals needs so that they deliver what the organisation requires as an essential from them – excellent and exceptional leadership that produces outstanding results achieved by increased performance and competitive advantage.

Due to our amazingly simple, yet very effective and successful Person Centred  Leadership model the emphasis is on gaining practical knowledge and skills that really work in todays ever changing and challenging business environment.

The insight, vision, focus and skills gained allow the individual to achieve their potential and the organisation’s success offering extraordinary, accelerated personal and professional development.

We produce Business Owners and Business Leaders who think critically and inductively so that they can lead effectively. Giving them the skills to devise proactive, results driven competitive approaches to ensure future success.

Each of the three programmes have been designed and are overseen personally by Opt2B founders, Master Coaches and Master NLP Trainers, Mark and Nicky Taylor.


A choice of three transformational programmes, which is right for you?

Advanced Business and Leadership Programme (Level 1)

This Programme is designed specifically for those Leaders who wish to see an immediate change and massive boost to their personal evolution as a leader and breakthrough all of the blocks that have previously held them back.

Usually run over two to three months, although results will be seen immediately, it consists of five one to one training and coaching sessions with additional supplementary material and tasks to complete.

Business and Leadership Mastery Progamme (Level 2)

This Progamme is designed for the Leader who wants to remove all personal limitations and barriers as described in the Advanced Progarmme and then wishes to develop their knowledge and skills in persuasive and effective thinking, communication and relationships using the latest Neuro Science and Cognitive techniques.

The Mastery Programme consists of five one to one training and coaching sessions with similar objectives and format to the Advanced Programme with the addition of study materials and eight days face-to-face training in the most advanced Neuro-Science and Cognitive techniques.

This programme usually achieved in three to six months depending on the individual needs, although results will be immediate.


Business and Leadership Excellence (Level 3)

This Programme is designed for those Leaders who wish to achieve the level of Excellence in everything that they do. This is the total personal and professional development programme.

The Programme consists of the same elements as the Mastery Programme and then builds on the advanced Neuro-Science and Cognitive techniques already learnt adding more techniques and the development of Inductive and Critical thinking and reasoning which are essential for top level Leaders to excel in todays demanding business environment.

The Excellence Programme adds to the Mastery Programme with a further two, one to one training and coaching sessions and a further 14 days of face-to-face training in the most advanced Neuro-Science and Cognitive techniques and Critical thinking and reasoning skills.

This Programme usually takes between three and nine months depending on the individuals needs, although results will be immediate.


Apply now?

Entry onto each of the Programmes is by application and candidates are invited to a no obligation preliminary meeting, with Mark and Nicky Taylor, to discuss objectives and their suitability for the appropriate Programme. 

Each Programme is then tailored to the requirements and the objectives of the applicant. Once outcomes are agreed, Opt2B guarantee that the applicant will achieve their results within the time specified as long as the applicant follows the Programme.


Every journey begins with a single step!

To start your Business and Leadership journey to Excellence just click on this link fill in your details and one of our expert advisers will contact you to arrange you no obligation preliminary meeting. Your first step to success is that simple!

We look forward to assisting you in becoming the best Leader that you can be, in the way that is unique to you!



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